Online Scheduling

This page covers information you need to know about your cats appointment. After reading you can click Schedule Appointment below for online scheduling.  Please provide the best contact information. 

A Non-refundable deposit is required when you schedule. This deposit will apply toward your surgery cost.

If you do not show for a scheduled appointment you will forfeit any specials being offered and your deposit. If you cancel your appointment you will have 2 weeks to reschedule or your deposit

becomes a donation to our clinic.   A 24 hour cancellation notice is required by calling

256-489-0418 or email


Read Before Scheduling Your Cats Appointment
  • Your cat must be 3 months old AND 3 pounds for surgery.

  • If your cat is 7 years old or older he/she will need pre anesthetic blood work prior to surgery. Please contact us to discuss this service.

  • If your cat is 10 years or older he/she is not a candidate for surgery.

  • Check-in for cats is 7:30am on day of appointment 

  • If you have proof of a current Rabies Vaccine please have that information at your cats check-in or we are required to give a Rabies vaccine during surgery.

  • We have a very strict surgical schedule that must be followed so it is very important that you arrive on time. If you are late we may need to re-schedule your appointment.

  • Cats MUST be in a HARD PLASTIC CAT CARRIER at check-in. One cat per carrier please. Bag carriers are not recommended.  

  • Feral cats must be in a trap

  • Do not feed your cat after midnight the night before surgery. A little water is okay but NO breakfast.

  • CATS will go home the same day at 4:30  We are not staffed for boarding animals. If you do not pick up your pet before 5pm, $35 fee will apply and you must pick up at 7:30am the next morning.  PLEASE NOTE: We are not open on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

  • Our door is locked until discharge. It's important to arrive on time as you need to be there to receive group discharge instructions. If you arrive early please wait in your car while we get everything prepared for your pet to go home.

  • Be prepared to keep your cat indoors in a safe quiet place for 7-10 days after surgery.

  • Yes, we can still do surgery if your cat is in heat.

  • Payment: we accept Credit, Debit and cash. No checks please.

  • If your cat is nursing kittens please wait until the kittens have weaned to schedule an appointment.

  • CLICK HERE for Fees/Services and Products

  • CLICK HERE to go to (FAQ-About your Cat) and learn more about your pet.


  • Schedule one appointment only for each pet.

  • All RESCUE 501(c) ORGANIZATIONS must email or call to schedule. Online scheduling is for public appointments only

  • After scheduling you will receive an email conformation before your appointment. Please keep this information.  Please give an accurate email address for confirmation and review your information when scheduling

 A 24 hour cancellation notice is required by calling 256-489-0418 or email Failure to do so will result in loss of your deposit

After Surgery and Going Home

  • Your cat should be kept indoors for several days until he/she is strong enough to defend themselves outside again.

  • If your cat has kittens they will need to separated for 7-10 days. Nursing after surgery can be harmful to the mother cat.

  • Isolate your cat from children and other pets. He/She may be more prone to snapping or nipping at other pets, children and adults due to the after-effects of anesthesia. Give your cat space to recover and let them come to you for affection when they are ready.

  • Your cat does not have external sutures. Male cats do not have any sutures.

  • In female cats, the uterus and ovaries are removed through a small incision in the abdominal wall.

  • In male cats, the scrotum is not removed, only the testicles. Male cats have two incisions, one in each side of the scrotum. Male cats may appear as if they still have testicles. This is normal – the swelling should subside gradually through the recovery period.

  • There is a universally recognized green tattoo on your cats belly that identifies your cat has been spayed or neutered.

  • CLICK HERE to go to FAQ and learn more about your pet.