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Online Scheduling

This page covers information you need to know about your dogs appointment.  After reading you can click Schedule Appointment below for online scheduling.  Please provide the best contact information. 

A deposit is required when you schedule. This deposit will apply toward your surgery cost.

If you do not show for a scheduled appointment you will forfeit any specials being offered and your deposit.

If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of appointment, your deposit may be refunded

 or left as a donation to our clinic.   

To cancel or reschedule, email us at


Read Before Scheduling Your Dogs Appointment
  • We DO NOT offer services outside of a spay neuter appointment

  • Check In for your dog is at 8:00am by appointment only.
  • Please choose a date that you can arrive on time to avoid rescheduling. Allow 20-30 mins. for check-in.
  • We DO NOT schedule dogs 100 pounds and over
  • We DO NOT schedule ENGLISH BULLDOGS. For their safety please contact your full service veterinarian.
  • DO NOT feed your dog after midnight the night before surgery. A little water is fine but NO breakfast
  • CHECK IN 8:00am: When you arrive for your dogs appointment please grab a chart from cart out front and sit in your vehicle with your dog, fill out one chart per pet and briefly leave your dog in your car to check him/her in before bringing them in.
  • All dogs must be on a leash with a harness or secure collar. Retractable leashes are not recommended.
  • Your DOG will go home the same day at 4:00.  Please arrive on time for GROUP discharge instructions.  Allow 20-30 minutes for dismissal. We are not staffed for boarding animals and it is not beneficial for your pet to be unattended the evening of surgery. If you do not pick up your pet before 5pm, $50 fee will apply and you must pick up at 7:30am the next morning.  PLEASE NOTE: We are not open on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • WEIGHT: Your Dogs weight is important for scheduling. Appointments for dogs 50 pounds and over are limited so please be accurate to avoid rescheduling.
  • AGGRESSIVE DOGS: If your dog is aggressive towards people and/or other animals we will need to know before your scheduled appointment.  Unmanageable dogs are not a candidate for surgery at our clinic. 
  • IN HEAT AND PREGNANT: Yes, we can still do surgery on your dog if she is in heat or pregnant.
  • AGE AND WEIGHT: Dogs must be at least 3 months old and weigh three pounds to have surgery.
  • AGE: Dogs 7 years and older require pre anesthetic blood work. Please call us for information about this service.
  • Dogs 10 years and older are not a candidate for surgery with us. Please see your regular veterinarian for further advice.
  • We require proof of current rabies vaccine or require the owner to pay for a rabies vaccine on the day of surgery.
  • CLICK HERE for info about Services/Fees/Products
  • Payment: we accept Credit, Debit and cash. No checks please.
  • If your dog is overly nervous, not people or animal friendly or may need extra attention please let us know at check in.
  • CLICK HERE for FAQ to learn more about our clinic and your pet



  • Schedule one appointment for each pet. Each appointment requires a $20 deposit.  There is a NOTE section, you can request "same day" or "first available" and look for the final date when your appointment confirmation is received.

  • All RESCUE 501(c) ORGANIZATIONS must email or call to schedule. Online scheduling is for public appointments only

  • After scheduling you will receive an email conformation before your appointment. Please keep this information.  Please CHECK your email address was typed correctly to ensure you receive your confirmation and and appointment reminders

  •  A 48 hour cancellation notice is required by email at Failure to do so will result in loss of your deposit

You CANNOT reschedule here, you must email or call 256-489-0418 to reschedule.

Dog pre op
Going Home and Recovery
  • Check out for dogs is same day 4pm. It's important to arrive on time as you need to be there to receive group discharge instructions.

  • Plan to be here 20-30 minutes for discharge. Please note that in the rare event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies at the clinic there may be a longer wait at discharge.

  • During Check-out you will be told of any conditions or medical issues the veterinarian may have found during examination which may require follow up at a full service veterinary clinic.



POST-OP INSTRUCTIONS: What to expect when you bring your dog home

  • We strongly recommend you keep your dog confined in a crate or small room the night after surgery. And limit activity and no exercise for 10 days.  No running, jumping, exerting play.

  • Your pet may sleep much more than normal for 18-24 hours following surgery.

  • Your dog may be a little agitated or aggressive due to the after-effects of anesthesia. Avoid handling them too much as he/she may try to bite you. Isolate your dog from children and other pets. He/she may be more prone to snapping or nipping at other pets and even children due to the after-effects of anesthesia.

  • Your dog may have poor balance. This will make climbing stairs or getting in and out of the car more difficult than usual, so be ready to assist. Help your dog in and out of the car as sudden movements can damage his stitches.

  • Make sure your dog has a comfortable spot to sleep in an indoor confined, secure, quiet place.

    What you see on the day of surgery is what we consider normal. There should be no drainage. A very small amount of redness/swelling at incision may occur. If your dog allows, check incision site once daily for one week. Check for excessive redness, swelling, discharge, blood or if incision site is open.
    Do not clean or apply any topical ointment to the incision site. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PET TO LICK OR BITE THE INCISION:
    Licking or biting the incision could cause the incision to re-open and become infected. To keep your pet from licking the incision during healing process we recommend an E-collar be worn during the recovery period. You may purchase an E-collar from us for $10.90. Pain medications (Meloxicam) and Trazodone are generally recommended for all dogs to help manage pain and activity level during the first week after surgery.

    Unless you are told otherwise, your dog does not have external sutures. All sutures are absorbable on the inside. The very outer layer of skin is held together with surgical glue. If you are told that your pet has skin sutures or skin staples, he/she will need to return to have those removed and you will be given an appointment at check out.

    All animals receive a small green tattoo near the incision line. This is a universally recognized tattoo that identifies your pet has been spayed or neutered.

    Anesthesia tends to make animals experience nausea, so your dog may not want to eat when he/she gets home after surgery.
    You need to re-introduce food slowly. Offer a small amount of food and water as soon as he/she is fully awake. Monitor for vomiting for 2 hours. After 2 hours with no vomiting, it is fine to offer the remainder of their normal serving of food and water. Resume your normal amount of food and water for your pet the day after surgery.
    Do not change your pet's diet at this time and do not give junk food, table scraps, milk or any other people food. Your pet’s appetite should return gradually within 24 hours of surgery

  • IN HEAT:
    If your female dog was in heat at the time of surgery, you must keep her away from un-neutered males for at least two weeks. While she is unable to become pregnant, she will still attract intact males for a short period of time.

    The healing process takes 10-14 days. Any strenuous activity could disrupt the healing process.
    Some animals are active after surgery, while others are quiet. It is very important that you limit your dog's activity during the healing process. Dogs must be kept indoors where they can stay clean, dry, and warm. No running, jumping, playing, swimming, or other strenuous activity during the 10-14 day recovery period. Do not bathe your pet or have it groomed for a minimum of 14 days. When outdoors, dogs should be on a leash for the next 10 days.

  • CLICK HERE for FAQ and learn more about your dog.

Dog post op
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